Saturday, November 17, 2012

Guildwars 2 - Prove you know alot about Destiny's Edge

Prove you know alot about Destiny's Edge

Billy with a group of kids, Bertie, Roger, Catherina, Nicholas and Lulu, will test you on Destiny's Edge characters.

I only have 3 of them.

From Nicholas:

Q: Who is Logan in love with?
A: Queen Jennah

Q: Logan is the captain of what group?
A: Seraph

Q: Who is Logan's best friend in Destiny's Edge?
A: Rytlock

From Bertie:

Q: What is the name of Zojj'a golem?
A: Mr. Sparkles.

Q: What was the name of her mentor?
A: Snaff

Q: What asura college is Zojja part of?
A: College of Synergetics.

From Catherina:

Q: What is the name of Eir's pet?
A: Garm

Q: What's Eir's animal spirit?
A: Wolf

Q: Eir's a famous ranger, but she's also an artist! What sort of art does she do?
A: Sculpter

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  1. What is Rytlock's rank? Tribune

    Which legion is Rytlock in? Blood Legion

    What is the name of Rytlock's sword? Sohothin, a sword of fire.